FOALS OF 2020 (3 yos) & 2021 (2 yos) IOWA BRED: |LIST HERE|
2 yos: Iowa Sorority & Iowa Cradle
3 yos: Bob Bryant, Grays Lake, IA Breeders Oaks, & IA Breeders Derby

FOALS OF 2020 (3 yos) & 2021 (2 yos) STALLION STAKES: |LIST HERE|
2 yos: Stallion Futurity
3 yos: Stallion Stakes & Stallion Filly Stakes

After nominating there is nothing more needed to do before running, just need to enter. Prairie Meadows does add Start & Entry Fees to every Stakes Race. You can check the Condition Book to see what those fees are. Stallion Stakes noms highlighted in Blue are Bonus Babies from the Stallion Auction.

2023 Prairie Meadows Stakes Schedule |HERE|

You can supplement at the time of entry by paying $15,000 PER race.